JIT against Jahangir Tareen and Sharif Family Sugar Mills

Jahangir Tareen announces repatriation
Web Desk 5 November 2020

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Jahangir Tareen has announced his return home.

According to the report of News, PTI leader Jahangir Tareeen has said that he is returning to Pakistan this month, he had to come abroad for treatment, he will come back and look into the matter.

Sources said that Jahangir Tareeen has made a reservation for his return to Pakistan. Jahangir Tareen had reached London from Pakistan 7 months ago.

Jahangir Tareen announces repatriation

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Jahangir Tareen has been staying at the Hampshire Country Home for seven months, and has been living abroad since the release of the Sugar Commission report.

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According to sources, Jahangir Tareeen did not hold any political meeting during his stay in the UK.

It may be recalled that Jahangir Tareeen had gone abroad after being named in the Chinese scandal. It was learned that he was living at his farmhouse called Hyde House in Newbury, some distance from London.

Along with Jahangir Tareeen, his son Ali Tareeen was also present on the same farm. He had also visited Switzerland with his son recently.

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