Joe Biden speech today

Joe Biden speech today Possible Success: Great news for the nation
Web Desk November 7, 2020

Joe Biden
New York: US presidential candidate Joe Biden speech today has said that we have been given a mandate by the people, the first Democrats in Arizona to win in the last 24 years.

Addressing the nation, he expressed hope that we would win 300 electoral votes, garnering more than 74 million votes for the first time in American history.

He said Joe Biden speech today that we have been given a mandate by the people because the people want to unite this country, your vote will be counted, no matter how much the opposition resists, the first goal of our politics is to solve the problems of the people.

Joe Biden speech today

The Democratic presidential candidate said in his speech that he knows what it is like to lose someone, we are definitely opponents in politics but not enemies of anyone, as president I will have the responsibility of all the people.

The new potential president of the United States has said that millions of Americans have died from the corona virus, which we are deeply saddened by. The number of corona cases in the United States is increasing daily. We will take possible steps.

Joe Biden said the American people voted for the betterment of the environment and the economy, did not want to waste time in chaos and differences, our economic plan will be to overcome the losses after Corona, will have a clear lead in the presidential election, will not harm democracy. Will be given

“For the first time in 24 years, the Democrats have won from Arizona. We will win a total of 300 electoral votes, with over 74 million votes cast for the first time in history,” he said.

It should be noted that the counting of votes is underway in Pennsylvania, but even there, Biden is still ahead, Biden has a lead of more than 28,000 votes.

According to analysts, if Biden wins in Pennsylvania, he will get 20 more electoral votes, which will pave the way for him to become president.


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