MDCAT 2020 Pakistan

Delayed MDCAT 2020 Pakistan students protest PMC exam decision on Twitter

As the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) announced that it would conduct the Medical and Dental College Entrance Test (MDCAT) on November 29, MDCAT 2020 Pakistan aspiring doctors took up arms on social media, and stressed on the body. Given that they should delay the exams.

Students express concern over PMC’s decision to hold MDCAT 2020 Pakistan student doing protest on Twitter that in the 2nd wave of coronavirus in Pakistan exams should be delayed because its high chance that students will effect by a coronavirus during the given test

MDCAT 2020 Pakistan are appealing minister and pm Imran khan that mdcat 2020 showed their high chance we will effect

As the government shut down schools and colleges because on going situation also banned a large number of gathering taking mdcat gather large number student one place will increase high chance.

MDCAT 2020 Pakistan

The PMC maintained on Monday that the MDCAT would be held on November 29 as scheduled under strict implementation of the Corona Virus Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

MDCAT 2020 Pakistan Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, while addressing a press conference yesterday, said that all the entrance and professional examinations would be held on their respective dates.


Going on Twitter, the medical students demanded the body to postpone the exams and hold them after November 29:



Another said that some students will experience a common cold because of the cold, which makes COVID-19 more likely to spread. Therefore, he demanded the authorities to suspend the examinations.

Although the government has announced that entrance tests will be mandatory, it has called for precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus.




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