President Trump say China become master of United States

 President Trump say China become master of United States
Web Desk November 2, 2020


President Trump say China become master of United States

America’s independence day
WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has expressed concern that China could become the US owner of Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

According to US media, Donald Trump said in a speech during the election campaign for the presidential election that if Biden wins, China will become the owner of the United States.

Trump accused Joe Biden of being a corrupt politician, always a dummy man President Trump say China become master of United States.

US presidential candidate Joe Biden, speaking at an election rally in Philadelphia, said it was time for Trump to pack his bags and go home. “We are fed up with his tweets, anger, hatred, failure and irresponsibility,” he said. ۔

Presidential candidate Joe Biden likened Trump to what animal?

“This is the most important presidential election of our lives, and President Trump is afraid of what will happen in Pennsylvania,” Biden said.

It should be noted that the US presidential election 2020 is being held on Tuesday, November 3.

Joe Biden called Trump Putin’s pet dog during the election campaign in the US state of Michigan yesterday. Biden said Trump acts like the pet dog of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin beheaded US troops in Iraq. The price was set, and Donald Trump was afraid to challenge the Russian president.

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