Taliban have stepped up attacks in Afghanistan

Taliban have stepped up attacks in Afghanistan
Web Desk November 8, 2020

KABUL: The Taliban have carried out various attacks in Afghanistan’s Baghlan province, killing four security personnel and injuring several others.

According to Afghan media, the Taliban targeted law enforcement officials in Baghlan, and forces killed several militants in retaliation.

Taliban have stepped up attacks in Afghanistan

According to the report, the areas attacked by the Taliban include Baghlan Central, Nahran and Pul-e-Kamri. Medical aid is being provided to the injured personnel. In retaliation, at least 10  fighters were killed.

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It should be noted that there has been an increase in violence in Afghanistan in recent days.

Gunmen attacked a police station in Afghanistan last week, killing three officers. Immediately after the attack, a heavy contingent of security forces cordoned off the area and sealed off traffic.

It may be recalled that a car bomb had exploded in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on October 3, killing 15 people, including Afghanistan’s international umpire Bismillah Jan Shinwari, and injuring 30 others.


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