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US election 2020 Trump claims victory in Pennsylvania
Web Desk 5 November 2020


Washington: US President Donald Trump has claimed victory in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to the details, US election 2020 US President Donald Trump wrote on the social networking website Twitter that we have won a big legal victory in Pennsylvania.

Earlier, US President Trump tweeted that “stop counting.”

US election 2020
Remember that the Republican presidential candidate Joe Biden needs only 6 electoral votes to become president.US election 2020 Trump claims victory in Pennsylvania

Except for a few states in the United States, the results have been completed. So far, the counting of 14 million votes has been completed, in which the position of the Republicans seems to be stable.US election 2020 Trump claims victory in Pennsylvania

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According to unconfirmed unofficial results, Biden is in a strong position with 264 electoral votes, while the Democratic candidate and US President Trump could get only 214 votes.

According to US media reports, Joe Biden will be declared the winner if the Republicans from Nevada get 6 more electoral votes.

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