US Presidential Election

US Presidential Election: Voting Continues
Web Desk 3 November 2020

US Presidential Election

US presidential election
WASHINGTON: The 59th presidential election in the United States is in full swing, with the post-election option of postal and early voting being widely used due to the Corona epidemic.

Trump and Joe Biden are vying for the presidency. Republican candidate Trump is running for the presidency for the second time. Democratic candidate Joe Biden has been the US Vice President for 8 years.

According to US media, Trump has already cast his ballot in Florida, Biden had voted in Delaware, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris are running for vice president, the Democratic symbol is the donkey and the Republican symbol The symbol is the elephant.

The counting of votes has been completed in Dixwell Town, New Hampshire, USA. Joe Biden has won with 5 votes in Dickswell Town, New Hampshire. Dickswell Town is a small area where voting started at 12 o’clock at night.

According to a foreign news agency, voting is underway for the 59th presidential election in the United States, this time more than 90 million votes have already been cast through Ann Person and postal ballot papers. More votes were cast by post due to Corona. gone.

Polling in the US state of Vermont began at 3pm Pakistan time on Tuesday. As the United States is a large country, it will take time for the polls to end and the election results to come in the western part of the country. Regarding the election, the concerned officials say that the results of the US election may be delayed.

In the United States, the president is elected by electoral vote, 270 votes are needed to win out of 538 electoral votes, Florida has 29 and Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan will have a tough contest, 13 swing states. The role will be decisive.

The US presidential election is a relatively complex one, with the winner or loser relying more on the “electors” elected from each state than on the votes of ordinary citizens, who later elect the president, the “electors” from each state. The number of members elected from there is equal to that of the Congress.

The 538-member group is called the “Electoral College”, and the majority of the group’s 280 members support the candidate who becomes the country’s president.

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