Conflict of Pakistan

Conflict of Pakistan Interests In Recognizing Israel


This passport is valid for all countries in the world except Israel the line written on the Pakistani passport is enough to define relations between the two states. Both Pakistan and Israel were created in the almost same time period but since its Inception, Pakistan does not recognize Israel. All Muslim countries condemned the creation of Israel and called it an illegal occupation of Palestine. Arab Nations stood up and fought the war against Israel over time the number of countries decreased in the war against Israel and their defeats increased with a total of 5 wars in which Israel was victorious. Founding father of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah has a clear stance that Pakistan will never accept the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by Israel and will stand with Arab Nations. If they want to get back the land which, according to them, was taken from them 2000 years ago then they must face Arabs without British and USA support.


Today the situation is completely different. Arab Nations’ one after another is following the same pattern of normalizing relations and recognizing Israel for their state interests because Israel the hegemon of the Middle East has a strong economy advanced technology and military capabilities from which other states in the region want to get benefited through trade. Self-interest is turning bitter enemies into friends. Pakistanis are watching shifting dynamics of Arab Israel relations and are shocked and forced to think that if they can normalize relations for their interests then why not Pakistan? Some are calling it as a non-rational decision of Pakistan based on emotions and that we are behaving like Parae Shadi Mai Abdullah Dewana. While others are blaming religious parties of the country that they have spread so much hatred against Jews that the government is afraid to recognize Israel and they are the cause behind Pakistan’s slow rate of development.

This is the story of mainly Nationalist and patriotic Pakistanis their purpose is nothing more than this that they care for Pakistan and its interest more than anything else. Now let’s think through the lens of rationality for some time keeping aside that the land which is occupied by Israel has religious importance for Pakistanis. Let’s not talk about what the Holy Qur’an says about Muslim and Jews relations. Let’s forget about innocent Palestinians martyred every day for the past 72 years and let’s bury the word morality just for some time and not let the conspiracy theories Hijack your mind according to which Israel helped our enemy India in the 1962 war against us. Let’s assume that Israel never planned an attack against Pakistan nuclear facility at kahuta and Just close your eyes so that you cannot see Israel helping in changing the demographic structure of IOK after the abrogation of article 370 and now when your mind is free of such thoughts so let’s focus on the self-interest of Pakistan and the changing world order.

What if Pakistan recognizes Israel today?

First of all, there is no difference between the struggle for independence in Indian occupied Kashmir and Liberation of occupied Palestine by recognizing we will weaken and harm our stance on Kashmir cause. We cannot stand for Kashmir when in other regions of the world we are going against the same cause. What can be more important from Kashmir to Pakistan is it not our jugular vein? We have fought 3 was with India for the same reason. The jugular vein is the one if it is cut it stops the blood supply to other parts of the body and the result is death. Kashmir holds the same importance for Pakistan here jugular veins represent Kashmir and its function of supplying blood is the water that comes from Indian Occupied Kashmir to Pakistan.

Conflict of Pakistan

Secondly, the world order is changing from unipolar to multipolar there is not only one powerful state in the USA. We are having China in our neighborhood the emerging superpower and a tested friend. Which is not only investing in Pakistan in the form of CPEC which will boost up our economy but also carrying joint military exercises with Pakistan. While on the other hand, the USA is supporting India to contain China in the region from becoming a superpower. A new cold war like the situation is created in Asia. It is divided between States supporting  China and the USA. In such a situation, recognizing Israel means joining the USA side by making its position much stronger in the region against China. As we all are aware both the USA and Israel are two sides of a single coin. It will be a win-win situation for Israel it may give us more important for some time as compared to India with which its ties are getting stronger after 2017 but it will not be long lasting because no one will risk their relationship with a country which has a huge market as compared to Pakistan.

Moreover, Israel and Iran are rival states and we share a land border of 959 km with Iran.

We are already facing threats from every side of the border except China and with this development, Iran will feel threatened from our side. Which it should not as we are improving our relations for mutual interest with the help of China. If we analyze this situation critically we will know that geostrategic realities are crucial in shaping our relations with other states. We cannot normalize relation with a country which is much distant and upset the two countries in our neighbor. Pakistan is a Sovereign state but for its peace and interest, it has to cooperate first with the countries in its region and then outside. If some of you are doubting that Pakistan is left behind and Arabs are much smarter than Pakistan in formulating foreign policy then you must know that they have their interest and we have our interest and reasons to not recognize Israel.

Written by : Sobia Kanwal

She is currently doing  Bachelor’s in Defence and Diplomatic Studies from Fatima Jinnah women university Rawalpindi.







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