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Corona vaccine trial: Pakistani woman sets an example
Web Desk 2 December 2020

On the one hand, a vaccine is being developed to defeat Corona, on the other hand, the Corona vaccine trial phase is underway, for which male volunteers have been selected, but there is also a Pakistani woman who has decided to get vaccinated on her own.

Let us also introduce you to a Pakistani woman who volunteered for the corona vaccine during the voluntary vaccine trial and tell you why she participated in the trial phase of the corona vaccine.

Sarah Ishtiaq, who has the honor of being the first Pakistani woman to be vaccinated during the third phase of the vaccine trial, participated inĀ  News’ ‘Question is This’ program.

Talking to Maria Memon, the host of the program, Sarah Ishtiaq said that trials of the vaccine made by a Chinese company called Kinsaio Bio are underway in Pakistan and about 40,000 volunteers from all over the world are participating in these trials.

Corona vaccine trial

He said that 8 to 10 volunteers from Pakistan are participating in the trial of a vaccine which has not been launched yet and is not aware of its harmful health effects.

Sarah Ishtiaq said that a woman who knew me told me about Corona vaccine trialĀ the side effects of the vaccine. do not have.

The volunteer woman explained how to voluntarily participate in the trial: The vaccine volunteer should be over 18 years of age, healthy, without any disease, and if she is a woman, she should not be pregnant or intend to become pregnant for the next three months. If not or if she is a breastfeeding mother, she cannot participate in the Corona vaccine trial.

The most important condition for volunteering to participate in a trial is that the volunteer has not previously been infected with the coronavirus.




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