Pakistan buy corona vaccine

Pakistan is buying covid vaccines for 10 million citizens
5 December 2020

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to approach the World Bank for covid vaccines funding.

According to the details, Pakistan will request assistance from the World Bank for booking the vaccine. Sources said that  153 million assistance will be requested from the World Bank.

The Economic Liaison Division will make a formal request for assistance from the World Bank. In this regard, the Ministry of National Health has sent a letter to the Economic Liaison Division stating that the Economic Liaison Division should make a formal request to the World Bank for assistance. The assistance should be sought from the bank under the Funding Credit 6590 agreement.

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Sources said that the vaccine will be booked with the approval of the World Bank. Preliminary talks have also been held with the World Bank for funding through video link. Contacts are underway globally for advance booking of the corona vaccine.

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The letter said that Pakistan was in direct contact with corona vaccine manufacturers, through GAVI, and that the ECC had approved a  150 million supplementary grants for the vaccine.

Sources said that the Ministry of Health and EAD was instructed by the ECC to liaise with the World Bank and international donors.

It may be recalled that in the first phase, it is proposed to book Corona vaccine for 10 million citizens, which will be given to health workers and senior citizens. It is said that the corona vaccine is likely to be available from Gavi by the end of 2021.




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