Moderna Corona vaccines

US decides to buy 100 million more Moderna Corona vaccines

Washington: The United States has decided to buy millions more doses of the Moderna Corona vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Moderna.

According to foreign media, the American pharmaceutical company Moderna has confirmed that the US government has decided to buy an additional 100 million (100 million) doses of its Corona vaccine.

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The company says the United States has so far ordered a total of 200 million doses of its corona vaccine, with the first order of these 200 million doses to be shipped by the end of December and the rest by the first quarter of next year. Will be provided.

Moderna Corona vaccines

The United States signed a 100 1.5 billion contract with the pharmaceutical company Moderna Corona vaccines in August for 100 million doses of the corona vaccine, with the option to buy up to 400 million vaccines.

The United States tops the list of countries affected by Corona worldwide, with a total of more than 16.2 million cases and more than 300,000 deaths.

It is believed that the United States has also approved Pfizer’s corona vaccine for emergency use and extensive vaccinations are being prepared in the United States, which experts have expressed hope that the corona will be overcome soon.






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