Decision of complete lockdown in the main city of Pakistan

New variant of covid 19 uk has reached Pakistan
Dec 29, 2020 |

Karachi  After India, a new New variant of covid 19 uk, which is now spreading in the UK, has also reached Pakistan. After confirmation in three passengers arriving in Karachi from the UK, they were quarantined.

According to the details, the presence of a New variant of covid 19 uk in three passengers coming from UK has also been confirmed by Sindh Health Department. Four days ago, six passengers reached Karachi from Dubai via UK and samples were taken for testing. However, reports have now surfaced that a new strain of corona virus has been confirmed in three passengers.

Pakistan has suspended direct flights from the UK, which caused the passengers to fly from the UK to Dubai and then to Karachi. Airport officials took samples based on their travel history, and now airport officials are making sure that the UK’s Every passenger with a travel history should be tested, all passengers will be strictly monitored.

New variant of covid 19 uk

After the test report came positive New variant of covid 19 uk, the Sindh government has also contacted the families of the three persons and after informing them, has also decided to test other members of the family. The three persons are quarantined in their respective homes. I already have the facility of smart lock down while smart lock down is also being arranged in the third passenger area.

All three are out of danger at the moment and are in isolation at home, but are being monitored by the health department and will be taken to hospital if needed.




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