Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine

What will cost of Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine?
Web Desk 4 December 2020

Washington: US company Pfizer and German company BioNtech have announced the prices of their Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine

According to foreign media reports, the cost of a single dose of a US-made vaccine is. 19.50, or 3,127 Pakistani rupees, due to which the US government had awarded a 95 1.95 billion contract to Pfizer.

Medical experts say people with coronary heart disease need two doses of the vaccine.

According to media reports, another US company, Moderna, has set the price of its vaccine at 25 25, or Rs 4,000. Spend dollars.

Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine

Now the government of Pakistan has to decide how much Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine is available to the people of Pakistan.

Keep in mind that if Pakistan imports the vaccine from the United States, the price of the corona vaccine will be higher, but if the authorities develop the corona vaccine in Pakistan with the help of the United States, the price may go down.

Large-scale use of the vaccine in Pakistan is likely to take place in the second quarter of next year, which means that precautionary measures are not currently in place.

Experts say the success of any vaccine will depend on its widespread use.Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine





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