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 Prime Minister decided to give concessions to the major industrial cities of the country
Web Desk 8 December 2020

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister’s Vision 2050 plan is being implemented, Imran Khan has Prime Minister decided to give big concessions to the major industrial cities of the country.

According to details, after Faisalabad, a historic package was also approved for Sialkot. The Prime Minister will announce 5 mega projects worth billions of rupees for Sialkot. Imran Khan will also pay an important visit to Sialkot tomorrow at the invitation of Usman Dar. An inauguration ceremony will be held on this occasion.

Prime Minister decided

The Prime Minister will also inaugurate Sialkot’s private airline Aircel tomorrow. Water filtration project will be inaugurated for millions of citizens of Sialkot. The Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of the Roads and Signals Reengineering Project.

Five major green parks in Sialkot are also included in the PM development package. The re-engineering of storage system in Sialkot has also been made a part of the project.

Imran Khan’s Special Assistant Usman Dar says PM’s plans will change Sialkot’s destiny, development package planned in view of Vision 2050 plan, Sialkot exports 2.5 billion Is a tax-paying city.




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