Smart Lockdown in Azad Kashmir

 Smart Lockdown in Azad Kashmir
Web Desk 8 December 2020

On the completion of 18-day Smart Lockdown in Azad Kashmir the implementation of smart lockdown was announced from December 9.

The 18-day lockdown in Azad Kashmir is coming to an end tonight at 12 noon and after that the smart lockdown will come into effect from December 9, for which a notification has been issued.

Business centers in Azad Kashmir will be allowed to open under SOPs, but under Smart Lockdown, there will be a complete lockdown on Tuesday and Friday.Business hours will be from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., while all political and social gatherings will be completely banned, and people under the age of 10 and over 60 will be barred from entering the markets.

Smart Lockdown in Azad Kashmir

Similarly, entry of tourists in Azad Kashmir will be completely banned. Apart from Sundays, government offices will also be closed on Saturdays. 50% of the staff will be present.

According to the notification, wedding halls, private clinics and shrines will be closed in Smart Lockdown.


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