electricity unit price in pakistan

Government increased electricity unit price in pakistan
Web Desk 21 January 2021

ISLAMABAD: The government has announced an increase of Rs 95 paise electricity unit price in pakistan after petrol.

According to  News, Federal Minister for Energy Omar Ayub said that due to wrong policies of PML-N, the price of electricity was to be increased by Rs2.18 paise but we increased the price of electricity unit price in pakistan by Rs95 paise.

The Energy Minister said that energy problems were inherited by our government and due to the problems of the past, electricity prices had to be increased electricity unit price in Pakistan

Omar Ayub said that the PML-N government deliberately set up factories by making malicious agreements, because of the PML-N government, 43% of electricity in the country becomes expensive, 686% increase in capacity payment from 2013 to 2023 is corruption. The price of electricity had to be increased by Rs. 9 per unit to pay the price.

The Federal Minister said that the plan was made under the leadership of Imran Khan for which I pay tribute. The government provided subsidies in various sectors for the convenience of the people.

electricity unit price in pakistan

On the other hand, Special Assistant for Energy Tabish Gohar said that IPPs are generating 8,000 MW of electricity, they will save Rs 836 billion by doing MoUs, the interest burden will also be reduced from the electricity rates. Last time payment was made without audit.

He said that the trend of increasing demand for electricity was on the rise, new connections of 3,000 MW would be installed and the provinces should cooperate in the matter of power theft and payment of bills.

Tabish Gohar said that cheap gas is declining in the country, expensive LNG is being imported, gas of captive units will be cut off.




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