Inflation rate in Pakistan

 Inflation rate in Pakistan will decrease in 2021
Web Desk 1 January 2021

KARACHI: The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said that last month in December 2020,  Inflation rate in Pakistan was at the lowest level of the year.

According to the details, the Bureau of Statistics has released monthly statistics regarding inflation, which states that in December 2020, the Inflation rate in Pakistan was 8% and the rate of inflation was recorded at the lowest level.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, December saw a 0.7 per cent drop in inflation compared to November.

In one month, eggs became more expensive by 67.15% and spices by 88.6%.

 Inflation rate in Pakistan

In one month, electricity became 96.5 per cent more expensive, while onions became cheaper by 29 per cent and tomatoes by 27 per cent, vegetables by 19 per cent, sugar by 18 per cent, potatoes by 13 per cent and wheat by 4 per cent.



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