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PDM meeting: PPP and PML-N prepare proposals
Web Desk 1 January 2021

Lahore: PPP and PML-N  PDM meeting have prepared proposals for the PDM summit, in which the PPP has decided to disagree with the strategy of resignations, long marches and by-elections.

According to details, PDM meeting an opinion of the PPP and Shahbaz Sharif came out for the anti-government movement. Sources said that the PPP had prepared proposals for the summit, in which the PPP disagreed with the resignations, long march and by-election strategy. decided.

Sources said that PPP will present anti-government formula in three phases in the meeting today, in the first phase PPP will propose in-house change in the meeting, in the second phase long march call formula will be presented and in the third phase resignation option will be used.

PDM meeting

The PPP’s possible proposals also came to the fore, saying that the Senate and by-elections should be held at all costs and the PDM should reconsider its strategy for the success of the anti-government movement.

According to sources, PDM meeting Asif Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto will share the opinion of the party’s CEC on Videolink.

On the other hand, PML-N has prepared its proposals for the PDM summit. Maryam Nawaz will present the party’s proposals and CEC decisions to the participants. PML-N will give its proposals after the PPP’s proposals come to light.

PML-N sources said that PML-N would abide by the PDM alliance and unanimous decisions in all cases. All members of the National and Provincial Assemblies have received their resignations.

PML-N has taken a stand that the PDM should decide by consensus now, they are ready to resign, the option of resignations is open but all parties will resign together, if the resignations are not agreed, then participate in the Senate, by-elections. No problem and resignations can be made even after winning by-elections.



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