terrorism in Balochistan

India is behind terrorism in Balochistan: PM
9 January 2021

QUETTA: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that India is involved in terrorism in Balochistan and is taking all possible steps for the security of Hazara community.

According to News, while talking to digital media representatives, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the killing of the Shia community of the Hazara community terrorism in Balochistan is regrettable and he is deeply saddened by the atrocities committed against the Hazara community.

The Prime Minister said that genocide of Shia Hazara community is being carried out, some terrorist groups and ISIS have formed an alliance, ISIS has the support of India.

He said that after the end of Afghan Jihad, militant groups remained. After the end of Afghan Jihad, the militant groups inflicted heavy losses on Pakistan. In March, the Cabinet was informed about India’s efforts for sectarian confrontation.

Imran Khan said that India tried to cause Shia-Sunni riots in Pakistan, the assassination of Maulana Adil in Karachi was an attempt to foment sectarian clashes, our institutions did their best to prevent professional clashes.

The Prime Minister said on terrorism in Balochistan that our agencies have thwarted the Indian intentions, the intelligence agencies and the army are the best agencies, the security agencies have arrested many groups before terrorism, the security forces are constantly taking steps.

 terrorism in Balochistan

He said that due to low population and votes, the previous governments did not pay attention to Balochistan. Our government is paying special attention to the development of Balochistan. The PPP ignored Karachi and the previous federal governments neglected Balochistan. ۔

The Prime Minister said that in the past development funds were given by the Sardars, the Sardars became rich while the people of Balochistan remained poor, Jam Kamal is a good Chief Minister, working hard with him. And destroyed the moral values ​​of the nation.






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