Vaccine Passport: European Countries Entangled
Web Desk 31 January 2021

Brussels: Some EU countries want the issuance of ‘vaccine passports’ for vaccinated citizens and the lifting of travel bans, but some countries have different views.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, European countries that rely on the tourism sector want the travel ban on people with vaccine passports to be lifted so that they can continue to travel easily, which will gradually revive tourism activities.

According to the report, European governments have been divided over the issuance of vaccine passports to vaccinators. Remember that the countries of Southern Europe that depend on the tourism sector.

The Corona virus is causing severe damage as all international borders are closed. Southern European countries are increasingly allowing people who have been vaccinated to travel.

Vaccine Passport

Kuwait: Special Certificate for Corona Vaccinators

Greek Prime Minister Kiri Ako Matsuo Takis has also called on the European Commission to issue a certificate (vaccine passport) to vaccine recipients.

But the European Union has stated that the risk of contracting the virus remains high even after vaccination.



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