Senate elections.

Senate elections: The Election Commission changing the schedule and extending the time
Web Desk 12 February 2021

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has apologized for changing Senate elections the schedule and extending the time.

According to News, sources said that the Election Commission officials have contacted PPP Secretary General Nayyar Bukhari and apologized for the change in the schedule and extension of time for the Senate elections.

Sources said that the Election Commission officials have talked to Nayyar Bukhari in this regard. The officials said that they have received your letter to extend the time. The Senate has issued the election schedule and it will be difficult to change the schedule at that time. ۔

Election Commission officials said they would co-operate with the PPP in case of possible difficulties. However, Nayyar Bukhari has said in reply that he has reservations about the current schedule, so a written reply should be given instead of an oral reply.

It may be recalled that Nayyar Bukhari had written a letter to the Election Commission saying that the Election Commission has given two days to submit nomination papers for the Senate elections. Will the examination of candidates and bank accounts and other matters be settled in two days? can? The letter said that it was difficult for a federal party like the PPP to finalize the list in a short time, so the Chief Election Commissioner was requested to take appropriate steps in view of the matter.

When will the polling for the Senate election take place?

Senate elections.

PPP spokesperson Faisal Karim Kundi in a video statement on Senate elections today demanded that the Election Commission review the current schedule of Senate elections. Candidates and political parties are facing difficulties from the schedule. Spread is a question mark.

Sources said that the Senate candidates will be cleared by the NAB, the Election Commission will send the list to the NAB after completion, and other agencies will also submit reports on the candidates, and details of cases against the candidates will be provided. Teams have also been formed by the NAB in this regard.

EC has released the list of those who have received and submitted nomination papers for the Senate elections. 62 candidates from Punjab have received nomination papers, two candidates Jamshed Iqbal Cheema of PTI and Kamil Ali Agha of PML-Q have filed nomination papers. Rent In Balochistan, 209 nomination papers were issued, and no candidate submitted papers.


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