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Sindh imposes smart lockdown till April 15

Sindh province has also decided to impose smart lockdown for one month as it will remain effective from March 15 (today) till April 15,

On the directives of National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), the Sindh Home Department has re-imposed restrictions to curb the spread of novel coronavirus.

The restrictions include limiting business hours and imposing smart lockdowns across the province with immediate effect until April 15.

smart lockdown

According to a notification issued by the department:

All businesses e.g. markets, shopping malls, marriage halls etc. will operate from 6am to 10pm (except essential services i.e. medical stores, clinics, hospitals, petrol pumps, bakeries, milk shops, restaurants etc)

Amusement parks to close by 6pm

50% staff in all public/private sector offices will be allowed

smart lockdown

No indoor marriages will be allowed. As per earlier decisions only outdoor events/marriages will be allowed with a maximum limit of 300 persons till 10pm under defined SOPs.

to close all business centers in Sindh province till April 15 at 10 pm. All parks will be open until 6 p.m., with 50% of employees called to the offices. Indoor dyeing will be banned in hotels / halls. Masks and social distance will be applied to all public and private offices and public awakening.


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