The spirit of Ramadan stays muted to fairly some extent for 1.6 billion Muslims celebrating it throughout the globe amid the pandemic — similar to final 12 months.

The present tips of social distancing and hygiene being carried out as we speak, might be traced again 1,400 years in the past to the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), resulting in appreciation in establishing neighborhood response, and in parallel, the illness’s destiny. 

That’s the reason, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is an embodiment of hope in each method throughout essentially the most testing instances for humanity.

The Sufi conviction of unbounded love for the divine and his Prophet (PBUH) by way of dua retains the follow of thanksgiving alive. 

One such famend and essentially the most broadly learn dua within the type of an ode, written in veneration of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the ‘Ode of the Mantle’ or ‘Qaseeda Burda’. 

The literary masterpiece is being refreshed these days in our hearts and souls by way of its wealthy rendition ‘Sarsabz Dua’ by Fatima Fertilizer, which is bringing a renewed hope of higher instances for the nation.

A captivating story lies in its background, which led to its distinctive identify.

Origin of Qaseeda Burda Shareef

It’s mentioned that the Qaseeda was written by Imam al-Busiri in a state of a robust tribulation, when he awakened in the future to search out himself partially paralysed and all consultants did not remedy him. 

Previous to this, he was a well-known poet in Cairo, who was broadly recognised by the wealthy and highly effective of his society. Nevertheless, as a result of his situation, the person whose erudition and artwork had elevated him to the standing of the prince of poets — was diminished to an invalid.

Throughout that point he wrote the Qaseeda in his ceaseless admiration for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), with the assumption that the humanity’s salvation lay in calling upon his magnanimity and compassion in entrance of Allah. 

One night time, in a state of intercession with the Creator whereas reciting this Qaseeda, weeping, praying and imploring for forgiveness, he dozed off and one thing miraculous occurred. The Imam was granted the viewers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who accredited of the Qaseeda and put his mantle (burda/chaddar) on the paralysed a part of Imam’s physique.

 The next morning, he discovered himself utterly cured and as you may guess, the ode later turned generally known as the Qaseeda Burda.

How is Qaseeda Burda renewing hope for the nation?

The legacy of Burdah Shareef 800 years later as we speak, continues to be a shining instance of how a prayer uttered with humility and regret has the facility to doubtlessly change essentially the most difficult of the conditions in miraculous methods. 

That is supported by Imams all over the world, as they are saying it not solely strengthens one’s love for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),(the technique of looking for forgiveness from Allah), but additionally has an amazing affect in curing illnesses, eradicating sufferings and affording aid from misery and calamity within the fashionable instances, if recited and browse repeatedly.

‘Sarsabz Dua’ has renewed this hope of redemption and enlightenment by way of its rendition of Qaseeda.

So with an unfaltering religion, allow us to as soon as once more search therapeutic in love, goodness and repair of humanity amid the pandemic by eulogizing the nice instance of the Prophet (PBUH).

Allow us to sow the selfless seeds of goodness for others this Ramadan, to reap a richer harvest on doomsday within the type of supplications (dua) — the keys to redemption and miracles!

To hearken to Sarsabz Dua, please go to Fb or YouTube.

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