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The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) on Saturday announced the annual examination 2021 results for the intermediate Part-II science pre-medical group.

Giving details of the intermediate Part-II pre-medical exam results, BIEK Chairman Professor Dr Saeed Uddin said a total of 22,219 candidates registered for the examination.

However, 21,950 candidates participated in the examinations while 20,637 passed the exam and the pass percentage was 94.02%.

The number of students who passed with an ‘A-1’ grade was 4,686 while 2,795 passed with an ‘A’ grade.

A total of 2,913 candidates got ‘B’ grade, 3,800 candidates secured a ‘C’ grade, 4,798 candidates passed with a ‘D’ grade and 1,845 candidates got an ‘E’ grade. 

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